Raving Nightmare

Just like many of us the interest in music started at an early age. But the passion for hardcore music developed rapidly. At the age of 14 he visited his first hardcore party, die hard hardcore as he already was. As time went by he kept on visiting the hardcore events, like the UHM events, feeling every inch of the music. His drive to become a DJ/Producer has always been there, cause music simply is “his thing”.

Being able to letting himself go for the full 100% and express his emotions in the music, to entertain the people and give them the opportunity to make them feel the same great way, that’s what makes him tick.

At the age of 17 he bought his first spinning wheels and started playing and producing. And then UHM came along. They could see his talents and knew they had to do something with this eager guy! They were starting the UHM records label at that time and gave him a chance to become a producer for that label and next to that become a resident at their events. This was an opportunity he couldn’t resist. Everything went like a rollercoaster, but all good things for Triax. On UHM records, there are several releases that are still respected by all hardcore lovers over the world!

His performances and productions spread, even till performances in Switzerland, Russia, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Spain, France and Luxemburg. His productions have been seen also on several compilation cd’s wordwide. Last year UHM has provided him the next great opportunity to release his own album. And on this album it is that Triax has let himself go for the full 1000% to give listeners an intense hardcore trip. You can hear several styles on the album, in which his famous features make them the unique Triax tracks. As we all know he loves to play with other styles and combine them in one hardcore track. This album can be described as mainstream hardcore with a hard edge to it and several tracks are pretty industrial influenced! Besides that you can hear experiments with different styles like Hip-hop, Techno, Rock & Metal in his tracks. This will make the album sound fresh and diverse! Triax simply hopes you listeners will enjoy this album and keep the hardcore alive!

But that’s not all……. Triax has let everybody around the world hear his music. He’s full with inspiration for his new productions and his dj performance is one of the most versatile and unique ones from the hardcore dj generations of this moment! So it’s about time to make some new steps once again. Together with UHM a plan had been thought carefully through. Cause the scene needed refreshment and renewal!

And so the choice had been made to go to Enzyme Records where DJ Triax gave his career a new impulse. Numerous interfaces in the musical area was one reason. And the creative freedom to experiment with Music, the broaden platform which Enzyme records offers and the mutual feeling between all parties are all the more reasons why this was the right step for the artist Triax. After a great deal of great releases, Triax is nowadays back at UHM, where he focusses on the next Raving Nightmare and his upcoming releases. Once a talent. Now a star. DJ Triax!