PCP Marc Acardipane Live

Raving Nightmare

The German Marc Trauner better known by the alias Marc Acardipane (Frankfurt am Main, April 7, 1969) is one of the founders of hardcore house. He has the first hardcore track ever produced under the alias Mescalinum United with the song We have arrived. Other pseudonyms he used were include The Mover, Pill Driver, Marshall Masters and Resident E. He started the label Planet Core Productions (PCP), which Acardipane in 1989 together with Thorsten Lambart (aka Don Demon / Slam Burt) founded.

We all thank him for tracks like 6 Million ways to die, Atmos-fear, Slaves to the Rave and Return to Zero. Together with the Ultimate MC, the master who gives new dimensions to lyrics with his onstoppable enthousiasm, Marc Acardipane will take you back to the highlight days of the scene. Bow to the floor if you see the kings coming- jump off the floor if you’re really hardcore!

visit www.acardipane.com