MC M-Shane

Raving Nightmare

Mc.M-Shane aka Sascha Dolliver started in 1997-1998 as a normal party visitor,partys as shadowlands, Hellraiser, & thunderdome were the partys where he was going.
Names like DJ Vince, Dano, Darkraver & Gizmo were great heroes for him,Until the party showlands vs hellraiser dawned where he dj vince learned by simply asking if he could say something into the microphone,which Vince replied no problem!!
At that time Mc.M-Shane was born!!
Years passed, so did the partys where m-shane occurred,where he again meets a hero…… Dj Partyraiser!
They went as a duo, partys as hellbound,Nature One,Hardcore Gladiators,Multigroove and many came by,partys who are highly regarded in his archive.

years passed until Sascha & Wesley decided to go their own way.
So now broke another era Sascha decided to do several styles including Hardstyle, Hard Trance and early rave, he was from now on a allround Mc.

His name was known and more famous, major events such as Q-Base, Defqon, Raving Nightmare, backdraft, Rotterdam DanceParade,Ground Zero,Dominator and many more big events were normal for him where he always looked forward.
Sascha decided in 2011 to stop the action as MC,and continued as a producer.

but the urge to be back on the stage was so strong that he decided to pick up the thread again… successfully!
His bookings are running again..and yes, Mc.M-Shane is back!!! also called the master of words!!