DJ Paul Elstak

Raving Nightmare

Paul Elstak, Born in The Hague on 14 January 1966, is a famous Dutch Hardcore and Happy Hardcore DJ and producer.

In 1987 his career as a hip-hop DJ started off when he was hired as a resident DJ in the nightclub Blue Tiek-Inn in Rotterdam. Here he turned to the Dutch House pioneer Peter Slaghuis. During this time he also met DJ Rob and Richard Fabrie. Names with whom he started the Holy Noise group. With Holy Noise, he had a string of releases on the Hithouse record label (the label of Peter Slaghuis). In 1991 Holy Noise had their biggest success with the song “James Brown is still alive.” The song was a response to the then popular album “James Brown is Dead” by LA Style. After Holy Noise Paul’s Forze DJ Team was founded, which he formed a trio with DJ Panic and DJ Lars. Paul’s Apparel Forze ‘, the famous’ Wanna Play’ bear was at this time very popular among cronies.

In 1992 Paul Elstak founded his own label (under Mid-Town Records). In 1995 he released his first DJ Paul Elstak single titled “Life is like a dance.” After the album was followed by a number of commercial songs, ‘Luv U more’, ‘Do not leave me alone, “” The Promised Land “and of course” Rainbow in the sky’, which was the most successful. Some of his singles reached the Dutch Top 40 in the 90s. This label has now been lifted.

After 90 years: In 2001 Paul Elstak would mainly focus on Hardcore and even started a new hardcore label at Lush Entertainment, called Offensive Records. To date, Paul is still out on this Hardcore label with its own unique style.

Due to the revival of Happy Hardcore and many 90ties parties where Paul Elstak was asked, he started with Happy Hardcore again. Actively alongside Hardcore, He has a busy schedule and runs every weekend (Happy) Hardcore 90ties and partying through the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. In other European countries it is being made regularly. Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Scotland, Finland, Russia and Ukraine are countries where he still has many fans. His fans are everywhere, even in Australia and Los Angeles Paul has occurred in recent years.

Paul Elstak his latest CD “Chase Your Dreams” is named after his son, Chase. This album was launched in 2013. End of 2013, Paul has made a remix of the song “# VFD” Gers Pardoel and he was featured in the music video.
The single “Raving Beats ‘by DJ Paul Elstak and Mental Theo ft Gin English, has been released in July 2014.” Raving Beats’ has a cheerful happy hardcore sound of the 90s and has been cast in a new guise.