Raving Nightmare

At The Hague known as Stefan Andre Sweet, The Darkraver can be seen as one of the most mystical, most legendary and most entertaining performers in the current scene. An artist who does not take himself too seriously and has a clear mission: to bring an unforgettable experience for the audience every performance. With gallons of booze (bacootje), voluptuous women (preferably naked), total chaos, the most outrageous outfits and overdose Hague humor as the main ingredients, this man can single-handedly transform any ordinary party to a feeeesssiieee! But let’s not forget that the brand “The Darkraver” also stands for: a great DJ with a seamless mixing technique, with the perfect choice of records. This combination of entertainment and skills has proved to be a huge success and made him by far the most booked DJs in the scene, giving him a giant – fanbase – and still growing.

Before Steve himself “The Darkraver” call and global DJ recognition, he had several careers: security guard, stripper, bartender, glasses threader …. proof that The Darkraver already had been infected in his life at an early stage hit with the virus night. His first spin decks for the very time in 1988 in a small club called “Cornish” in Scheveningen, but his career really took in a turbulent momentum when he was at the legendary Rave The City events, held in his hometown of The Hague, as the headliner . The back-to-back sets with his regular turn buddy and also townsman Gizmo – always accompanied by the strangest attributes as inflatable rubber hammers, strange wigs and Batman outfits – quickly became the talk of the town. Bookings at events like A Nightmare in Rotterdam, Megarave, Thunderdome, Euro Rave, Ghost Town, Mystery Land and many more soon followed, along with appearances in virtually every club, hall or location in the Netherlands. His busy DJ schedule went beyond the Dutch borders not go unnoticed and soon international bookings throughout the European, American and Australian continent were added to the ever fuller Darkraver agenda, which made him an internationally respected artist. Applications for Many compilation and in the course of the years, The Darkraver digitally flawless mixing and superb choice of records on various compilations for EVA (1993 and 1996), ID & T (1997 and 1998), Universal Music (2004 and 2006) and Mid-Town Records (2008).

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